Tuesday, December 02, 2008


By Darvell Hunt

I’ve resisted the temptation to read Twilight by Stephanie Meyer. I’m not sure why, probably because it’s considered fiction for teen girls. That’s not usually my cup of tea, or, um, hot chocolate.

But add vampires, and hey, maybe it is something I could get interested in.

My wife likes the Twilight series. But, to be fair, she likes a lot of women’s fiction. As you probably know, the movie for the first book came out last week. I like movies—even chick flicks, sometimes—so it wasn’t hard for my wife to convince me to go.

I liked it. I mean, I really liked it. It was a great story with believable conflicts, even if it’s a vampire romance novel for teens. For what it is, it really worked.

I’m finding myself feeling compelled to read the books now. I’m actually excited about the prospect. It isn’t LDS fiction, but it was written by an LDS writer, so that’s close enough, I think, to be discussed on a blog about Mormon writing.

So, here’s how I described what I saw to my wife, which she found amusing—and it's probably not too terribly inaccurate: If you combine Stephen King and Nicholas Sparks, you get Stephanie Meyer.

An exageration, to be sure. But not far off, don't you think? Oh, and wait, let's not forget that she added a little Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon action, thrown in for fun!

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