Friday, January 16, 2009

It's Important

by G.Parker

You might have noticed a theme the past couple of weeks. We have been writing about our critique groups and what they have meant to us.

Writing is usually a lonely occupation, with many hours spent staring at a computer screen, trying to come up with the right word or phrase. Writing groups or critique groups help us see our work through different eyes and help with the idiosyncrasies of the trade. Though our spouses support us and are often our biggest fans, they aren't always objective and view our 'quirks' with a shake of the head.

My own critique group is going through a transition phase. We started with 4 members; three women, one man -- brave, isn't he? We grew to add three more women, but they have all flaked out. We knew when we started this group that life would get in the way, it always does. There are shifts in schedules, illnesses, trips, children who need us.

We are adding another person (again) and I'm excited because it's a man. I'm hoping that our lone male member will have someone to add to his perspective and rub shoulders with -- perhaps he won't feel so one-sided.

We are also having to decide what day of the week we are going to meet. It's interesting how trying to mesh schedules becomes a difficulty in our church because of the different callings. There is only one reason why we stick with it and work it out: It's important.

We feel that the growth we receive from having each other's input is so important, that we don't want to give up. We might skip a week here, postpone a meeting there -- but we will meet. We will persevere, and our work will improve.

Now I just have to remember which section of story I gave them last time...


LexiconLuvr said...

I love that you love your critique group!

And I heartily agree about the "male" influence in a group. We have a guy in our critique group and I love his comments because he views things in such a different way.

His take on things is fresh, lively, and honest. In no way is he "brutal" with the truth but he doesn't dance around issues either.

Love, love, love the post!

Keith Fisher said...

nail on the head. I'm the only man with five, sometimes six women. I'm sure I express the masculine point of view but what i love is getting the feminine. My female characters are become more realistic. good job