Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Learning Tools

This past weekend, I attended a free writing conference called, “Life, The Universe and Everything”. I’m sure many of you were there. Every time I attend something to do with writing, I’m surprised at the large attendance. In a way that seems exciting and then again it scares me when I realize how stiff the competition is.

On Friday, I attended panel discussions about writing romance, principles of suspense, writing for the young adult and middle grade market, and dialogue tag and speech patterns. I enjoyed each one of them and gained something from the opinions of the many panelists. I especially enjoyed listening to comments by Tracy Hickman. Most of the classes were very full so I’m sure many of you chose to listen to the same ones I attended.

I then went to a two-hour workshop taught by John Brown called, “Three Things You Must Learn to Write Killer Stories.” I don’t know what the rest of you thought, but I learned more there than I had imagined was possible. I hope it will change the way I write. I was finally able to understand what I need to do to make my stories better. As I look at the stories I’ve written, I can see the pattern there, but I can also see how I can improve.

For those of you who aren’t taking advantage of the learning tools offered in your community, I hope you will consider joining with the rest of the crowd and see what you are missing. I’m a firm believer that you can always learn something new, no matter how good you already are.

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LexiconLuvr said...

Connie, It was so nice to finally meet you at the conference. I'm sorry we took up so much of your time talking about the alphasmart but I'll tell you what, after seeing yours I want my own!!!

Truly, it was wonderful to put a face to the name. I've been reading your posts for a year now and I just love them. Can't wait to see you again at storymakers!

All my best,

Laura Elliot