Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Writing Written Sadly

By Darvell Hunt

I have heard that many creative people have problems with depression. Well, I don’t know how creative I am, but I do sometimes have problems with the blues.

One of my favorite musical artists is Neal Diamond, not because I love his voice (though he does have an incredible voice!), but because I truly understand his songs. Many of them are sad, but strangely, they make me feel better.

In one of Neal Diamond’s songs, which is called Song Sung Blue, he says that if you sing a song “with a cry in your voice,” then the mere act of singing, which is contrary to being blue, will make you feel better. I like that. This advice from his song actually works, too, even if your song seems to be a lie when you begin.

I have found I become greatly edified when I write, especially if I don’t feel like writing. There’s just something divine about writing from your heart and from the deepest reaches of your mind. When you expose these parts of your soul to a piece of paper (or a computer), you can’t help but feel better.

Writing is my medicine. It makes me feel good. It is my therapy. It is my drug. I have written some things that I don’t care if anybody ever reads—some of it I don’t want anybody to ever read. These writings are for me.

I have often found that if I take something from my mind and put it onto paper, then it no longer troubles my mind—much like Professor Dumbledore’s pensive. Take out the thoughts, hide them away (if you need to), and then you can move on.

Song Sung Blue. Or, if you prefer, Writing Written Sadly. Try it. It works!


LexiconLuvr said...

Thank you! This is SO TRUE for me and I'm so grateful to hear another writer say it. THANK YOU!

Anna Maria Junus said...

Having suffered from depression on and off throughout my life, I agree with what you've written here.

The hardest part is when you lose desire for the things that brought you joy, and that can happen with writing too.

Darvell Hunt said...

So true, Anna. :-(

I have been "seriously" writing for about 20 years now. There have been complete years during during that time period when I have not written anything of significance, other than journal entries, mostly due to depression.

Writing helps when it can, but sometimes you have to look elsewhere for help.