Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What Do I Have?

By C. LaRene Hall

Sitting through several funerals the past two weeks has made me stop and contemplate about my life and why I’m here. Sometimes I laughed and other times I cried, thinking, I’m so lucky to have the church in my life. I wonder how people that don’t believe as I do survive in similar circumstances.

Visiting with family members after the services, we were all thinking the same thing. Without our belief of life after death, the unknown would be devastating.

Once in awhile everyone should take a moment to think about what we have. I belong to a select group, the LDS Church, and I choose to believe the things taught. My faith is strong, and I know I’ll see my friends and family again.

My ancestors gave me a great legacy. I enjoy reading and writing about their struggles as they paved the way so I can have a good and full life living here in a free land. It will be an enjoyable day when I can thank them personally for their sacrifices. Meanwhile I’ll keep writing about them and helping others see the things we have.

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LexiconLuvr said...

That's a beautiful tribute to write in appreciation for the people who have given you your heritage. =]