Saturday, March 21, 2009

Look at the Manual

By Keith Fisher

Don’t critique it, I know it has problems. Just take a look, and I’ll tell you about it at the end. Oh, and I realize many will disagree. It’s just my humble opinion.

Jenny spent the rest of the afternoon checking with her mother, making reservations, and dinner. She purchased a greeting card, and a new dress. Got a makeover, and was waiting for Sam at the door when he got home.
"What’s going on? Where’d you get the dress?" Sam asked.
"I wanted to make the weekend special." She led him to the dining room and he stood there, staring in the direction of the table.
She had set out her grandmother’s china and crystal. Candles were burning, and she’d thought of everything for a romantic dinner.
"What’s all this? Did I miss a birthday or something?"
Jenny frowned and shook her head. "No, you didn’t forget anything. I just wanted a romantic weekend."
He looked skeptical. "Where are the kids?"
"They’re at my mom and dad's. We have the whole weekend to ourselves."
Sam looked around the room. "What did you have in mind?"
"Well, dinner tonight. Then, drive south tomorrow morning. I have reservations at a bed and breakfast."
He scowled. "And how do you plan to pay for it?"

As I’ve said before, I’m writing a romance and this is part of a scene from my book. What did you think? I bet the women nodded their heads and saw similarities between Sam and someone they know. I also bet the men either missed the point or they skipped over it. After all, Sam works hard all day only to come home and find out the wife spent all the money.

Whether you identify with Sam or you despise him, depends on your perspective and in large part, your gender. I’m learning a lot from my characters and I discovered a secret.

Guys? If you want to learn to be romantic, read what your wife or girlfriend is reading. Talk to her about it. Listen closely. Don’t add your opinion. Realize that not every male character is realistic, and apply the good things to your life. Try to emulate what she likes in a character. Before long, you might find that she is a lot like the women in the book. Hopefully, you will realize that she always was.

Girls? Try to realize your man is trying to understand you. He is the same guy he always was he’s just confused. He’ll come around. If he’s like Sam, you might have to hit him over the head (not literally please). Mostly he doesn’t know he’s done something wrong. Above all, don’t compare him to the leading man in your book. He can try, but he might never become that character. Encourage the good things and try to overlook the bad.

Good luck in your romance and your writing---see you next week.

P.S. Next week I will Review Tower of Strength by Annette Lyon. I think you will like it.


Annette Lyon said...

Really great post, Keith--great reminder for both genders!

Anonymous said...

"Where'd you get the money?"

That's usually my line, but then, I'm married to a hopeless romantic!

LexiconLuvr said...

Hey, I like Sam. He seems like an interesting character. I want to know more about why he feels the way he does. =]

Nichole Giles said...

I KNOW WHY! (But I won't tell, promise!)

You're doing a good job writing this romance, Keith. I'm excited to see where it goes.

And great advice for all of us.


Ali Cross said...

That was awesome! Fun and thanks for sharing Keith. I loved the advice, lol--I'll have to pass it on to my hubby ;)

Keith Fisher said...

tahnks for all the comments. Nichole knows because I brought it to Critique. You are a good secret keeper Nichole, thank you.

I am enjoying the writing of this book so much I may write romance all the time. move over Nicholas Sparks, Rachel Ann Nunes. Seriously I would love to be able to write in that league. If I can't be Dean Hughes.