Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New Kid on the Blogck

By Darvell Hunt

As you might have noticed from yesterday’s blog, there’s a new kid on the blogck. Ali Cross has joined our blogging group and we’re excited to have her on board.

She’s not really a kid, but she’s new here, so I think the pun works. We had some technical difficulties in getting her added to our group, so our blog ended up with two copies yesterday. Before fixing the problem, each post got comments, so we left them both up. I think that’s a good sign for her first post.

We here at LDS Writers Blogck have known Ali for quite some time already. We’re excited for you all to get to know her, too—perhaps you already do from her other blogs. Either way, we hope you’ll enjoy her insightful posts.

1 comment:

LexiconLuvr said...

You guys are awesome. What wonderful camaraderie you have here. All the better to read you with! j/k

Loved the picture!