Saturday, April 04, 2009

The Extension of Light

By Keith Fisher

Have you ever seen morning sunlight through the fuzzy tips of a pussy willow? The soft aura-like glow makes each pod appear to have an inner source of light extending out to the world. I want to be like a pussy willow.

Like every writer, I have moments when the world goes away. I am left with characters and scenes in worlds of my imagination. At times like these, the gratification of my chosen craft can be overwhelming. The pure expression of creativity provides joy and brings tears to the eye.

There is another expression that sometimes happens. Like the moment above, The gratification brings tears, and I rejoice in my chosen craft. Being a writer of LDS fiction, I have a unique opportunity. While writing faith-building experiences into the lives of my characters, I often feel a sweet spirit. Tears come to my eyes and I feel the scene can touch the heart of a reader.

There are times, however, when both moments come together and I am left with a sense of awe. I cannot believe what I wrote, and I’m convinced that somebody needs to read it. Often, when this happens, I discover a need in my own life, to adjust my actions to be closer to my Heavenly Father.

As writers, we can have influence. Unfortunately, many of us use that influence, and direct readers down convoluted paths. Not always voluntarily, and I hope not intentionally. Others lead people to a place in their heart where God can help them know they are loved, and they are of eternal great worth. This too is not always voluntarily, but sometimes it is intentional.

I regret to admit that I often find myself on the convoluted paths, but I hope to someday be like the pussy willow. To radiate the light from within, to intentionally influence others to do good, to build lives of joy and happiness. This, I believe is one of the reasons I exist. Until I get there, I’ll keep trying to touch lives as best I can.

Good luck in your writing---see you next week.


LexiconLuvr said...

Keith, I've followed your posts for nearly a year now and I can tell you that in each and every one, you've been a pussy willow to me. It's why I continue to follow. You're voice is unique and rings through the din. I am lit by your candle all the time.

Deborah said...

I may be prejudiced, but there is nothing better than being a writer.