Saturday, May 09, 2009

I Love Being a Writer

By Keith Fisher

Even though my fellow blogckers seem to be evaluating why they write, I want to add my few words. I am a writer, because I can think of no other way to satisfy this need I have. To fulfill the mission, and polish the talent my Heavenly Father gave me.

I attended two job interviews this week. In one, My boss asked how my writing is going. He knows I write fiction and he was being courteous. Of course I said fine, and told him of some of my triumphs.

With those successes, my mind began to dwell on the failures, and like many of my peers, I began to doubt. Then I remembered the other interview. Earlier in the week, that interview went pretty well. I was asked how fast I type. I answered that if I copy from a sheet of printed words, then not very fast. If, however, I type what’s in my head, then I’m pretty good.

I added, that I’m a freelance writer so I type a lot. I don’t think he heard my comment, or if he did, it didn’t matter to him. When the interview ended, I began to think about the rich rewards I’ve received from writing.

Sure, I get discouraged, who doesn’t? A while ago, after receiving a rejection, I left a message with my critique group and asked them to remind me why I do this. A few days later on face book, I wrote, "Keith is writing this morning. Its so quiet he can hear the incessant beating of his heart. It pounds the rhythm of his typing fingers and testifies of unfulfilled dreams. It shouts the marching orders. He must write, he must tell the story or die trying."

I got a few comments about that, but two struck me. Danyelle said, "Wow. You’re in a very inspirational mood this morning." Tristi, who’s in my group said, "And that right there is why you keep writing!!!" Yes, believe it or not, she used three exclamation marks.

Okay, Tristi was right. When things are going good, and the words just seem to fall together. Or, when the nature of one of my characters spurs me on to write the story before it flees from my feeble mind. When I can’t write fast enough, for fear the wonderful idea will be gone, Those are the moments I look to, and remember there must be something good about my writing, and that makes it all worthwhile.

I had a great experience at critique group Last week, and I’d like to share it. Now, if you’ve been reading my blog. You know I’m constantly battling with the wonderful ladies of my group. I’m writing a romance and doing a mediocre job of it. But when I read my chapter last time, I knew I’d hit the mark. I began to feel some of the same feelings I feel from reading the scriptures.

More than that, I’ve written two characters that touch me. I’m not sure why, but these two speak to me in ways that make it so easy to write their story. When I finished reading, I was told it was the best chapter I’d read from that book. Don’t let me brag. There were many things wrong with my writing, but I told the story in a way that people can relate to. That’s hard to do, by the way, when you’re a man, writing women’s fiction and you’re audience are women.

There is another reason I write, however,

On my other blog, I told two stories; one was the story of how my father was saved from death at Christmas, twenty-three years ago, and the other was about the feelings I had for him when he died recently.

At a Dutch oven convention, a man came to me and thanked me for writing that. Apparently I had expressed his feelings for his dad. We both were touched, and that, my friends is why I’m a writer.

Good luck with your writing---see you next week.

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LexiconLuvr said...

Don't you ever quit, Keith! I'd just DIE if I couldn't read your stuff! (And the posts are quickly becoming NOT enough. =] )

From the first time I read your posts you reached me. You reach me every week. I cherish each and ever word. Don't you ever stop.