Wednesday, June 17, 2009


by C. LaRene Hall

A few weeks ago, I went shopping, not because I wanted to, but my brother asked me to buy a picture for him to give my mom. I never found what he wanted for her, but I did find something for me. Those who know me probably realize this is unusual because I never buy things for myself.

The picture I bought pulled me right in from the first minute I saw it. I had no choice; I had to have it for my home office. In the front, some children sit facing a lake with mountains in the background. On the mountain is a castle and in the sky two unicorns. The caption says, “It’s sad when we give up the castles of our future for the fantasies of our todays.”

I would probably have made the purchase, even without the words because I love the painting. Also, I think I’d have bought a plaque with the words, even if there had been no picture. From deep inside something called, “Buy me!”

I’m usually not that impulsive and I hate shopping so I have no idea why this picture stares down at me as I sit writing at my computer, but I’m glad it does. It’s an inspiration and I’m sure it’ll help immensely because magical things make me want to write.

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L.T. Elliot said...

It's a very beautiful picture and I'm glad you got it for yourself. =]