Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Little Promoting

By Keith Fisher

I was in the bookstore, and two things grabbed my attention. I heard an old song I used to play and sing. And I bought a book.

Thirty years ago, I spent a lot of time playing my guitar and wasting time. I didn’t foster delusions that I would be a great rock star or anything, I did play at a few weddings but other than that, I wanted to escape adulthood.

My friends and I liked to play Neil Young songs. I liked the Eagles with a few rock and rollers and obscure songwriters thrown in. Did you ever follow Hoyt Axton’s career? Anyway, I loved to play Sugar Mountain by Neil Young. I could relate. You see if you managed to stay at the carnival forever, you wouldn’t have to grow up and be responsible.

That was the song I heard at the bookstore. It wasn’t Neil Young singing, but it took me back over the years to a time when I felt the same way.

Also, I bought a copy of Cup of Comfort for New Mothers. My friend, Kim Thompson, was a contributing author and she told a touching story of when her youngest child was born in severe respiratory distress.

When I met her, Kim found out I was writing in the LDS market. She told me she wanted to try writing. I asked why she didn’t, and so she started writing. If anyone ever had natural talent she does. She brings first drafts to critique group and we’re amazed. (Some of the ladies threatened to drown her.) :) I told her she would be published before me, and she was.

Now, She stands on the brink of having her book published. Kim signed a contract with Valor Publishing Group. Her book, currently titled I’ll know You by Heart, will be released in March 2010. She will be writing under the name Kimberly Job. Keep an eye on her---she has a future in this business.

So this is my Saturday morning state of mind. I wanted to promote Kim. To let you know about the name change and give her the credit she deserves. Those of us in our critique group are very happy to rub shoulders with her.

Now, lets see, that means everyone in our group has a book published or coming out. Well, except me, but I’m working hard---won’t be long now.

Good luck with your writing---see you next week.


David J. West said...

Hoyt Axton! He moved to the little Montana town where I had a coupl eyears of high school so everybody was somewhat familiar with his career there.

And when it comes to promoting what have you got coming down the pike Keith?

And with all the desreved hype with Valor why aren't they added to the LDS Publishers list on the sidebar yet?

Kim Thompson said...

Thanks, Keith! You're a great friend and I'm lucky to rub shoulder with YOU!

L.T. Elliot said...

You're right, Keith. It won't be long! And I'll be first in line!!!!

Congrats and Congrats to Kim! Way to go, girl! That's the coolest news I've heard all week!

David J. West said...

Congrats to Kim.

And not to thread-jack by any means but I probably should have mentioned my Publisher along with Valor for being placed on the Sidebar of LDS Publishers, WiDo Publishing.