Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Totally Awesome SuperMayor!

By Darvell Hunt

One of my neighbors is running for mayor of my city. He's an interesting fellow that some of you may know—or at least think you do from his media coverage. There's a lot more to him than what you see on the local TV news.

See: Dell Schanze to Run for Mayor of Saratoga Springs.

I find it curious that so many people are interested in this guy and his politics and other activities, which you can't fail to see on the news every so often, unless, of course, you don' have a TV or you don't live in Utah.

You can't argue that he's a popular figure in Utah. Whether you like him or not, if you know him or have heard of him, you probably have an opinion about him.

How does this relate to writing? Good question. I was just waiting for you to ask.

People buy books for many reasons. To be entertained, to learn new things, or to understand why their friends liked a book so much to recommend it. I don't claim to begin to explain Dell Schanze's fame, or infamy, however you see it, but you must admit one thing: the people of Utah know him.

I would love that sort of attention for my books. They say there's no such thing as bad publicity, and while I don't think that is totally true, there's something to be said for somebody who can get himself in the spotlight, like SuperDell can do.

Dell Schanze knows how to draw attention to himself, whether he tries to do it or not. I'm not sure if that means that I have to have to dislocate my jaw to form a big grin, have a hip flat-top hairdo, or have a slogan like "Totally Awesome!", but if it does, well, perhaps it's worth giving it a try. It cetainly seems to be working for him.


L.T. Elliot said...

That's true--lots of Utahns know who he is. I'm not sure I care for his brand o' fame but something's working for him.

Weston Elliott said...

SURE - if you want to be held in contempt by 99.44% of the population! If that man makes it into government - I'm moving to Canada!

As far as writing - you are trying to SELL books - not make people run the other way in fright and disgust!! Please, Darvell - don't go to those sorts of lengths!

David J. West said...

OK, I am lost and I live in Utah. I remember Dale's commercials which were incredibly irrartating but he seemed to have a bit of respect. I mean he was in Singles Ward for crying out loud. Then I moved to Montana for a while, then back to Utah, Nevada, Montana, back to Utah, Montan, Colorado and finally back to Utah where I have stayed put for awhile. The first thing I heard on the radio coming back in state was what a $#$%@#$% Dale is? But they didn't say why.
So I'm asking you WHY?

Plus it would be kind of interesting to have an LDS author with that kind of infamy-IF-he could still sell books- but I don't think that kind of infamy works in LDS circles, worldly circles yes but not LDS.

And Darvell, why did I think you lived in Vegas anyway? Is that what AI's bio says?

Darvell Hunt said...

Long story, David. I think mostly Dell gets a bad rap from the media. I like KSL news a lot, but they DO seem to have a grudge against him.

On the other hand, Dell does seem to make it easy for them, but you really have to know the guy to understand him.

His business crashed, which, as he tells it, was not his fault. I didn't work for him so I can't comment on that.

I have worked in Las Vegas for over six years now. I owned a condo there for a few years, so I could have a place to stay when I went to work during the week, but for the past few years, I've been working remotely from a home office in Saratoga Springs.

Weston Elliott said...

Super Dale was arrested on a weapons charge, involved in a road rage incident, then had his own local access TV show in which he aired some really, REALLy weird opinions (like the love you feel for your children is exactly the same love you feel toward your spouse. -oh really?) He's become a separatist, extremely vocal against the media, almost to paranoia levels and conspiracy theory, and is altogether waaaayyyyy too far out in left field to be allowed to run any part of our country!

Not that I'm opinionated about that in any way...

Weston Elliott said...

Oh - and the really interesting part is that Super Dale is LDS...

Doesn't do a lot of good for the rest of us, having to overcome that sort of example, does it?

David J. West said...

Thanks for the replies back about it. I missed all of the weapons charges and local access show stuff I guess when I was out of state.

Darvell Hunt said...

Thanks for the comments, everybody. I appreciate you dropping by!

FYI, the recent weapon charge was dismissed and the wreckless driving charge moved to simple traffic court.

I would suggest that you don't go by the news when judging Dell. He's kind of strange, I admit, but when he bears his testimony in sacrament meeting, it seems sincere. Strange, but sincere.

I'm just glad the stupid things I've done haven't been broadcast on TV.

Keith Fisher said...

I'm sure he's sincere, but if I attracted negative attention like he does and I did nothing to attract it, I'd go someplace where i wouldn't make a mess and blow my brains out.

He may be well intentioned, but he rubs a great many people the wrong way. Perhaps we should look at the good we could do and try to make others feel good about themselves instead of using the media for self serving negative publicity. good blog post Darvell.

good luck

Darvell Hunt said...

Thanks for visiting, everybody. I'm glad you see your comments here.

I think, however, that in some cases, the intent of my blog post was missed. Perhaps I can clarify.

I meant to say that I think it would be great to advertise myself as a writer as well as Dell Schanze seems to have done or his various activities, regardless of whether you agree with what he has to say or not.

I was talking about marketing--or getting the word out there--not necessarily about the content.

Anyway, thanks for reading!