Friday, September 11, 2009

Freedom to Write

by G.Parker

As I ponder the situation in our country today, I am grateful for many things. Especially that at this moment, I have the freedom to write whatever I want and can show it to whom ever I please. We have some amazing freedoms in our country, and I am extremely thankful that I live here.

Nine years ago, I remember standing in horror as I watched a second airplane go through the world trade center. I had just gotten several of my children off to school and my husband had called me and told me to turn on the television, a plane had just crashed into the twin towers. I had turned it on in shock and disbelief, only to see a few moments later the second plane.

I don’t remember doing much that day other than sitting in front of the television and watching history unfold. I remember during the next couple of days being very thankful every time a jet went overhead from Hill Air Force Base. I knew those jets were keeping watch and I would tear up just watching them. The skies seemed very empty other than that, there were no other jet trails or sign of planes flying overhead. It was quiet and rather ominous.

Today, I’m sure there will be a few memorials and speeches. There will be many who go by the memorial in New York and remember those who died that fateful day. Our local leaders and friends have suggested that we remember this day with prayer and fasting. That seems appropriate to me. I’m pretty sure we’ll end up watching something related to the event, either the documentary or the dramatized version. But we will honor those brave souls who worked so hard to save the lives of the people in those towers.

What is ironic, is those same people would have been impressed with the patriotism that followed that day for several months. And then been dismayed by the direction our country has taken since.

The spoken and written word can have much power – we’ve seen that in the past year of elections and since. Those who have the talent and gift of writing, should do so to preserve their liberty – their freedoms. Because we are rapidly approaching a time when it might be taken away.

Remember what happened that dark day, September 11, 2001, and never forget. Our nation has many enemies, without and within.

The written word might be the only thing that saves it.


Krista said...

I wrote a similar post this morning ( Thank you for another reminder that we share the same feelings, worries, and hopes.

L.T. Elliot said...

Beautiful post. I got teary eyed at the comment about the Hill Airforce Base. Thank you.