Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Writings

by G.Parker

While some are enjoying moments with book signings (grin) others of us are struggling with the every day. Like Christmas cards. Christmas cards have become a lost art, I think. With the electronic medium, most of us tend to email greetings and forget the traditional route.

Personally, I love snail mail, and I love Christmas cards. I got one yesterday from a fellow blogger, and was so excited...I've only gotten 5 so far this year, which was what brought this subject to mind.

It's the same idea that penmanship has become a lost art. The two coincide in my mind. I do calligraphy, and I like to do it on the envelopes I write for Christmas cards. I think it adds a special touch and lets the person know I'm putting a little extra effort into it. Despite the fact that inside the card is probably just a signature and 'Hi'...I've never been much for the family newsletter.

What is your tradition? Do you spend hours writing personal notes in Christmas cards or do you send simple cards off, just anxious to let people know you are alive? How many cards did you send this year? It was probably less than last year, because -- let's face it -- we don't usually send cards to people who have stopped sending to us.

Well, here's to you, whatever your traditions are. This is my electronic Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you blog readers. Have a good one!


L.T. Elliot said...

I'm one of the sinners that doesn't send cards. *blush* I'm terrible at it, I admit.

How wonderful that you do caligraphy. I've always wanted to but I never took the time to practice it. I ought to.

Merry Christmas!

Keith Fisher said...

My wife has the Christmas card list. I think your name is on it. Guess I'd better check. Merry Christmas.