Saturday, January 02, 2010

My Publishing Contract

By Keith Fisher

After hearing it quoted from, I asked for the book, Outliers for Christmas. According to the author, studies indicate 10,000 hours is the magic amount of practice required to master a skill to the point of excellence.

Of course the amount of talent possessed is a factor. Desire is certainly necessary, but ten thousand hours is the number. If we write 4 hours a day, and 6 days a week. That’s 2500 days, 416.667 weeks, and a little more than 8 years.

Let’s see, I’ve been dabbling in writing, really, since before my mission. Then I got more serious about it. I accepted it as an occupation in . . . Since then, I’ve written for about four hours a day, on average. Yep, I figure I’ve reached my ten thousand-hour mark and I can expect a contract anytime.

Are you laughing yet? Yes there is merit in practice, and I think I’m getting better, but it’s like everything else in life, once you learn something, you discover so much more you don’t know.

Before you, or I, get discouraged, remember, I said that talent and desire, are factors. Also, belief in one’s self, will get you published. We’ve all heard stories about authors who put in their ten thousand hours after being published. And there are far more, who got where they are through determination and hard work.

There is a famous quote that states. “Whatever a mind can conceive, and believe, it can achieve." Lately, I’ve become convinced of this, but I’ve also learned to depend on a higher power.

We can do it, you and I. I’ve never heard it said this way, but JK Rowling put in her ten thousand hours escaping the reality of being a divorced mother on welfare, into a world of wizards and magic. She was determined to get past rejection, and finally she had the right book at the right time, in the right place. Do you see a higher power at work here?

The Sorcerers Stone is a good story but not that well written. After more practice, (another ten thousand-hours), Rowling improved, the writing got better.

Keep practicing and plan for the day you sign that contract. Good luck with your writing---see you next week.


L.T. Elliot said...

Thank you for this, Keith. I've been thinking a lot about this concept and while I've decided that getting my "masters" in writing is a must for me, I also know that it's my faith in a higher power that sees me through. Whether or not I ever get a contract, just knowing I can depend on Him to be there is a beautiful comfort.

Kimberly Job said...

You are definitely getting better. And you can never stop. It's your persistence that keeps me going.

Keith Fisher said...

Thanks for your wonderful comments ladies. You both are great inspirations to me. And of course you are better writters. Keep up the great work.