Friday, January 08, 2010

Who is Your Inspiration?

by G.Parker

I finally got to watch the movie Julie and Julia this week with my family. Having grown up watching Julia Child and her cooking show, I have been anxious to watch the movie and see how it compared.

I was really impressed (except for the ending)—I loved the movie and now want to read the book.

My children all turned to me and said, "Mom! You could write a cooking blog." Sigh. I've already tried that. I'm sure there are people out there who will still make money from the blogging world, but I think the initial fascination with it has waned. I think in order to have a large following you have to be able to write with more humor than I'm capable of, and have an interesting life. Both of which I suffer a distinct lack of.

This doesn't keep me from writing, however. In fact, I have four blogs. There's this blog about writing, and my personal one called Musings From an LDS Writing Mom, where I talk about my personal life, writing and art. I have one for cooking, which is Frugal Mom, Gourmet Wannabe, where I put recipes that I like, and then a political one called Stupid is as Stupid does where I gripe when things get too frustrating with regard to our government.

This blog is a weekly commitment. I'm fine with that, I've had experience with trying to come up with two blogs a week and it was too much. My other blogs are when I feel like it. Those who are followers know that I'm sporadic at best. I used to not worry about it too much, because there weren't that many followers, and only a few commented. If you have seen the movie, there's a part where she says she wonders if anyone even reads her blog, besides her mother. I know that feeling. My family doesn't read mine, so I don't worry too much about what I say. I am also very careful not to mention names or ages or where we live. Have I mentioned that my husband is a computer tech and hates the internet? ’Nuff said.

Anyway -- once you see the movie, though, you get the itch. Anyone who has blogged knows what I mean -- the itch to write on a blog and share your thoughts with the void. Her inspiration was Julie Child. My inspiration has been the written word.

So, I'm going to start again. Part of the reason I wanted to see the movie was for the food. I love to cook. Much like Julia Child, one of my favorite things is eating. Food is an addiction, unfortunately one that I cannot fully be rid of.

My family suggested I catalog my weight loss efforts and the recipes I use and alter. (I rarely use a recipe.) That's something I can deal with, and perhaps it will help cement the changes I'm making for the future.

Who is your inspiration? Was there someone in particular that brought out the writer in you? Perhaps this is the month of new beginnings after all.

Bon Appetit!

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L.T. Elliot said...

My inspiration to write? My English teacher in 7th grade. I'd been writing long before that but she was the one who told me to keep doing it. Mrs. H? I still am!

I'm glad your determination has been renewed. It's a beautiful thing, huh?