Tuesday, February 16, 2010

"Dear Lucky Agent" First-Page Contest

By Darvell Hunt

Recently on Facebook, I found that one of my writing friends was submitting an entry to a middle-grade/young-adult first page contest called the "Dear Lucky Agent" Contest. Entering writing contests can be an excellent way to catapult your writing career by getting your work out there to be seen by those in the business.

I decided to follow my friend's lead and submit my middle-grade novel. I soon discovered that one of the requirements to enter was that you must tell others about the contest--which I thought was fair, because that's how I found out about the contest myself. So here goes!

The contest ends on February 21, so you still have a couple of days to submit. You send in only your first 150-200 words. Give it a try--what have you got to lose? You just might find yourself an agent for your novel!

Please click below for details on the contest.

Good luck!