Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Read a Book Every Week

by C. LaRene Hall

My New Year goal or resolution said that I will read a book every week, including some self-help ones that I usually toss aside. Since I love to read this is the easiest thing that I chose to do.

I usually don’t have trouble reading a book every week, but since the book that I just finished is over 800 pages, it took me almost three weeks to read it. Reading is one of my favorite things to do. The last part of the goal is harder because I would much rather read fiction than non-fiction. Sometime this year I promise I will read a self-help book, it just won’t be until I finish a couple of other books and a new book that is coming out in April.

I’m a supporter of the Literacy program. It delights me when I see one of my grandchildren enjoying a good book. They know that their grandma gives them books. I do that because I know how important reading should be to every individual alive. Even if they don’t like to read, I try to pick something that they might like, hoping it will encourage them to read.

Since I’ve won several contests, and have been to several book signings recently, I have more than enough books on my shelf to keep me busy. Some of my friends are having new books published sometime in the near future and so my stash is going to continue to grow huge. I love giving book reviews, and do so regularly. I guess it’s good that I found something on my New Year’s Resolutions list that was easy for me.


L.T. Elliot said...

I love reading too--I almost might say more than writing. =P That might be evil to say but I still love to get lost in a book.

Braden Bell said...

Very impressive! I am curious about the 800 page book--which one was it?

Connie Hall said...

Branden, the 800 page book is The Undaunted by Gerald Lund. I wish he had put it into about 3 books. That would have been easier to handle. It was a challenge and took me 19 days to read.

L.T. Nothing evil about getting lost in a book. Some days I can hardly wait to escape into the pages of a book so I can forget about life for a short time. (That's the real lie - it's never for a short time I should have said until my eye lids close.)