Friday, March 12, 2010

You think You Can?

by G.Parker

A friend and neighbor decided she was so impressed by my progress with weight loss that she hired the same company for a personal trainer. I was flattered, and a little nervous. I mean, what if she doesn't do as well? Will she blame me? Will it affect our friendship?

Anyway, we went together on Saturday and she told me that she's not sure she will do very well. Part of their plan is for the clients to keep track of their food on an online site so that they can print it up and bring it in. It keeps track of percentages, like fat, protein, etc. She's not really into computer stuff, and she doesn't always eat lunch at work, yada, yada, yada. I couldn't believe it.

I told her that she had to make the decision and keep with it. It's what I had to do. I figured if I was plopping down a substantial sum for someone to help me get healthy, then I'd better do what they told me to do. I told her she'd probably have to make lunch and take it with her. She might have to make some adjustments in her routine if she wanted to see the results. She only has 20 pounds to loose, but it might be the hardest thing she's ever done.

It totally floors me -- this woman has a doctorate, she's a principal of a junior high school, but she's not sure she can wrap her brain around changing her life to get more fit.

It's like with pretty much anything in life. What we put our efforts into, is what we see results for. In the movie Fireproof, there's a statement from the father to the son in the love dare journal, "What you put your money and time into is what you really love." If you are putting your time and money into things that don't really matter and aren't going to help you in the eternal perspective, is it worth it?

Writing is much the same. If we are consistent and determined, we will succeed. It might not always be in the way we figured, financially or otherwise, but it will be a success if we achieve our goals.

My husband and I had another 'hobby' discussion a couple of weeks ago. I let my determination wane until my writing becomes a hobby and my critique group a writing club that meets a couple of times a month. It stings every time it happens, because that's not really what I want -- it's not my real desire. But many times life gets in the way and changes the way I view things. I begin to think perhaps it's not a big deal, and I am not a writer.

Then my husband informs me that I've been given a gift, I have a way to reach many people and strengthen their lives, affect change, and fill some part of Heavenly Father's plan. sigh.

So I'm taken back to the knowledge that I need to be determined again. It's time to get motivated, kick myself in the butt, and get the fingers moving. No, writing is not always easy, but it's what we are, and what we do.

Like has been stated many times on this blog by myself and others -- consistency is the key and determination will get you there.

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L.T. Elliot said...

It all comes down to choice. Will you do it or won't you? And sometimes making that choice isn't always easy--but it's so worth it. For me, anyway.