Tuesday, April 20, 2010

See You at the Conference!

By Darvell Hunt

If you know anything about the LDS writing market, you know that this weekend, starting Friday, is the LDStorymakers 7th Annual Writers Conference. This will be my seventh year in attendance (I've been to all of them!) and my first year as one of the presenters.

I'm helping teach, along with two members of my writing group, Authors Incognito, a two-hour course on "Making yourself a dot com!" Or, rather, teaching writers how to create their own author's web page. If you're signed up for our class, GREAT! I'll see you there! If not, oh, sorry, too bad, the class is already full (as is the conference). But maybe by next week, you'll see a new crop of LDS author web pages popping up all over the internet!

But, even if you're not going to be in my class, but are going to the conference (hey, what's up with that, not coming to my class, huh?), then I hope to see you there anyway.. It's always fun to meet like-minded people who are crazy enough to want to write.

So, see you at the conference!

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