Friday, May 21, 2010

Are You a Word Smith?

by G.Parker

When you're given the compliment that you're a word smith, you need to take it as it's meant; a compliment. Personally, I've never heard myself associated with that description until this past week. It surprised me.

We have a member in our critique group that is amazing with words. She has the vocabulary that many envy, and can describe a scene so real you think you're there. However, this person has a difficult time believing in her skill and talent. She takes criticism very personally and has let other's change the way she views her work. We have told her many times that she's a word smith - she's a pro.

A fellow member that I carpool with commented on it, and how she's a wonderful writer. Then, out of the blue, her next words were: "And so are you! I had no idea until this latest story."

Now, I could look at that two ways. Simply a compliment, or a compliment and an insult - not that she'd meant it that way. We've been in this group now for almost two years. I have submitted at least four stories for their critique, and they have liked them all (for the most part) but this latest one I've given them is the only one they have REALLY liked. I mean, I've been told I should try the national market first.

Well. I thought some of my other work was good too, but not everyone feels the same way about your work that you do.

Anyway, I'm still trying to wrap my head around the idea that she thinks I'm a word smith. I'll try not to get a big head over it. Grin.

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Sharon Cohen said...

I have often been called a word smith and I have glowed beneath the praise, emphasis on the word "beneath".

I fancy myself more of a weaver of words, creating multi-textured and haphazard tapestries that catch attention for their chaos.

No, to be a smith requires intentional heating, pounding and coercing finished product from raw material. Much too much work for me.