Wednesday, May 26, 2010


by C. LaRene Hall

This week I’m in Colorado visiting family. My trip here was not a pleasant experience. In fact, it was most frightening. I love travelling and have flown in an airplane on many occasions. I’ve heard the pilot say frequently, “Keep your seat belts fastened and stay in your seats because we may experience some air turbulence.”

Several years ago, my husband flew out of town often. He related to me many experience of things that had happened to him while on the flight to a far away city or on his way back home. Still, it didn’t seem real to me until last Saturday when the plane I was flying in suddenly dropped several feet and then began swerving back and forth. Immediately I quit reading the book in my hand and grabbed the back of the seat in front of me. Yes, I even prayed.

Now, a few days later, I’m sitting here thinking that this flight was very much like my life as a writer. Some days things go smoothly and I just fly right along. Then I get a rejection and I feel like the wind has been knocked right out of me and I drop. It’s sometimes difficult to pull myself back up. At other times, I find myself swerving back and forth – a good day here, and a bad day follows. Rarely is it smooth sailing for long. My flight as a writer is very unpredictable. I just hope the ride smoothes out soon.


Sharon Cohen said...

The timing of this post was perfect. I've been traveling through some pretty rough turbulence in my efforts. My initial response is to bail. But, applying your analogy of flight and turbulence, quickly clarifies the futility and stupidity of that response. I would no more open the door and jump out of a plane in rough weather than I should bail on the building of my business.

Thanks for your post. You've been more than helpful.

Keith Fisher said...

hold on connie. there are pockets of turbulence all over but the smooth air is coming.