Friday, May 28, 2010

Wound Down

by G.Parker

When I started the job I currently hold, I was excited. I worked four hours a day, worked with computers and was left pretty much to myself. That was three school years ago. My how time flies.

There are many days when I still like my job, but it has morphed into something else entirely. Last year we changed our location and I got my own office. It has a large window and I love it. The only problem is it's a little cramped with all the things I get to keep in it -- related to my job. So, there are pluses with the minuses and I try to remember the pluses outweigh the minus most of the time.

Except this past month. As the school year ends, my job gets crazy. You see, I work in special education for preschool. Some of the preschool children turn five and get ready to go to kindergarten. I manage the files for all those little preschoolers. It's my job this year, to personally look at every single special education file that is to move on to kindergarten. Every. Single. One. Have I mentioned that we have over 300 files transitioning this year? Sigh.

So, I've been feeling a little stressed out and crazy. I've begun counting down the days till school is out, because that's my last day too. Last year I didn't really get summer vacation for a myriad of reasons. This year I'll actually get three months (or so) off. I can't wait.

Because of the stress of life, I haven't been doing the writing I really wanted to do. It makes me look forward to June even more because I hope to have the spare time I haven't had.

Of course, that's after one day where I sleep in as late as I want and totally veg out. My kids know how to make their own breakfast and lunch.

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Evelyn Campbell Curtis said...

My one day of sleeping in turned into two days, then a week. :) Now that my kids are home all summer, I have to find some nice quiet time where I can write by myself.... by myself is the key phrase there!