Monday, June 07, 2010

In God’s Hands

By Ali Cross

A writer friend, no stranger to the Blogck, once told me that she only finds success in her writing when she invites Heavenly Father’s help. Karen Hoover, author of The Sapphire Flute, says her very best writing sessions begin with a prayer and some time spent reading the scriptures.

At this year’s BYU Women’s Conference, it was suggested that we seek the Lord’s help with our daily lives. We can pray at the start of each day to know what is most important for us to do, then close our day with the question, “What would thou like me to know?”

I’ve been employing this practice in my daily life, but it’s only been recently that I had an aha! moment that prompted me to put both Karen’s thoughts and this direction from the conference together. Imagine what we might achieve if, at the beginning of each writing session, we asked Father to guide us to write that which was best or most important. And what if we were to ask Him at the close of each day or writing time, what He would have us know or do regarding our writing?

I think, if we put our writing in His hands, we might truly become the Miltons and Shakespeares Orson F. Whitney spoke of when he said, “God's ammunition is not exhausted. His brightest spirits are held in reserve for the latter times. In God's name and by his help we will build up a literature whose top shall touch heaven, though its foundations may now be low in earth.”


Ann Best said...

I always have a prayer in my mind, but this is more active: a prayer, a scripture, then write! If the desires of our heart are good, the Spirit will guide us. Of course we have to have something that's important to us to write about, but if we do and we've practiced our craft and are constantly working to improve it, we WILL write well. I believe this!

Angie said...

Great thoughts, Ali. I find that prayer helps my writing too.

Carolyn V. said...

I do think that helps. I should do it more often. =)

Evelyn Campbell Curtis said...

We have our talents for a reason. Each talent is a gift from our Heavenly Father, of course He will help us if we pray for guidance! I love this post, because I too pray for guidance, especially during periods of writer's block.

For example, I started my blog about different topics that I am interested in (written in article form). After posting a few, I felt the need to change my tune. Ever since, I have been writing a fictional story.

I prayed because I was feeling discourage with the way my blog was going. Now, I am feeling very fulfilled and having a ton of fun in the meantime!

Rebecca said...

I have been doing this and it really does help! Heavenly Father very much does care about helping us develop our talents.

Just an FYI:I'm on the sidebar as "Rebecca B." You are welcome to put my last name, Blevins, instead of just the "B." Thanks!

Karen Hoover said...

Ali, I am humbled beyond measure knowing those words said so long ago are making a difference now. Words that I needed to be reminded of. Thank you, my friend. You've given me hope once again.