Friday, June 04, 2010

A New View

by G.Parker

Last week I told you my batteries were kind of run down. I don't know if I mentioned that this week I'm going on vacation with my hubby and kids. We're going to Vegas first, and then to St. George. I seriously think I'm missing a few brain cells, because it's not going to be cool weather in any sense of the word, but I guess it's not the hottest time of the year, so who knows.

This will be a chance for me to work on re-charging and spending some away time with my family. My hubby isn't too keen on it, he doesn't really like going to Vegas, so we might skip that and just go to St. George. Either way, it's out of the house, which is just what I need sometimes.

Also, my critique group gave me some excellent ideas on the story I've been working on, and I figure I can take a note pad and write away while we're driving or sitting by the pool. Hmm. A working retreat. That's always good, isn't it? It's all in the change of view sometimes. I'll let you know how it goes.

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kelly miller said...

I love Henderson- it is my home. If you pass through vegas- park in the Bellagio see the indoor garden and walk straight out to see the fountain show. They play the most amazing music and the view of the strip is great. Then turn around and leave. That is what I do. I don't like walking the strip because there are people trying to give pass along cards with pictures...and if you look down they are littered everywhere.
If you need a ward to meet. Ours is small and sweet/ our sacrament is at eleven on the corner of Pebble and Wigwam.
I would love to meet you, besides.