Friday, June 11, 2010

Who Has A/C?

by G.Parker

If you were anywhere near Las Vegas over the past weekend, you will have heard that they were going through a mini heat wave. Of course they were. And that's when we were there.

Fortunately, we had good air conditioning in both our car and the condo. I ask you, isn't air conditioning one of the best inventions of modern time? We proceeded to St George, which was a bit cooler, but not by much. Instead of being 110 it was 105. Yeah, that's cool. We teased our friends who we visited while we were there about the heat, and they admitted for the first time since we've known them that it had gone from being 80 to 100 overnight - and yes, that's hot. Grin.

Coming home to something considerably less than that was nice. It's been cloudy and cool and very nice. I like green, do you? I noticed quite the difference between Las Vegas and St George by way of landscaping. I think they need to realize they live in a desert and plan accordingly, but they are fond of their fountains.

Anyway - I did get some writing done, believe it or not. My hubby brought his lap top and I got several pages written. So all in all, it was a productive and relaxing vacation.

Now it's time to attack the mounds of laundry...


Evelyn Campbell Curtis said...

It has been a nice balmy temperature of 100-108 on average here in New Mexico. I love it though. I quite enjoy going outside and letting the sun soak into my skin. That makes me happy.

On the flip side, I would be dying if I did not have the option to come into my nice cool air conditioned house!

And Yay for productive vacations! I still have not had one yet... maybe when the kids are grown and gone. But I'm not wishing that away just yet! :)

Tamara Hart Heiner said...

I'm just like Evelyn! I love the heat. Love feeling my skin sweat. But I also love going back into the AC to cool off!