Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Year Is Half Over

by C. LaRene Hall

Today I was thinking that I’m at the ½-mile mark of the year. I remember some of my resolutions that I set at the beginning of the year, but honestly couldn’t remember all of them. I snuck a peek and can’t believe I actually thought that I could reach these goals –

1. Expand my horizons. I’m still working on this one. My vacation is just around the corner and there are many new adventures waiting for me. One of those is promoting my book in another state amongst strangers.
2. Preserve my physical health by doing all the things that I should, such as exercise. Well, I have gone to the gym a couple of times, but not as often as I meant to.
3. Be a truer friend. I need to work more on this one because sometimes I’m too involved in my own life.
4. Grow spiritually. I started out working on this and even attended the temple two or three times every month (twice as often as I did last year). Then May and June came and I failed to go. Maybe my going four times next month will almost get me back on track.
5. Pray to communicate. To communicate I think it means you have to hold still long enough to listen. I wonder when I’ll ever learn to do that. I think I need to work on this one too.
6. Read scriptures. Finally, here is something I have done. My goal was to read the entire Old Testament, and I am more than half way done.
7. Write something every single day. I wonder if I meant write something or if I meant that I should add something to my story every single day. At work, I write checks every single day, and on weekends, I write grocery lists.
8. Read a book every week, including some self-help ones that I usually toss aside. Wow, here is another one that I have accomplished. Early in the year I read Skousens, The Cleansing of America. Then I have read two other books that I consider self-help. The first one I finished last week. It’s called, The Route by Gale Sears. Last night I finished another one called, Get Off the Beach! What Legendary Surfers Know That Salespeople Need to Know…Now by Eloise Owens.

I’m halfway to my goals. There are still more things I need to work on, but I still have half the year. If I recommit myself and get busy, I won’t feel like a complete failure come December 31st. Wow. I’d better get busy!


Ann Best said...

There are so many good things to do, and not enough time in a day.

An excellent list. And it sounds like you're making progress. Cheers.

Malva said...

Its good to read that others attempt the same things I try to do and not succeed in them at once.
Step by step, keep going on and enjoy your holidays! I'm enjoying mine right now at my sister's at Aruba. I can recommend this forced slowing down and looking inside to everyone!

ali said...

With all that you've had going on Connie, I'm so surprised (and super impressed!) that you've done as well as you have. You are amazing! ♥