Friday, July 09, 2010

A Bookstore Like No Other

by G.Parker

I was watching You've Got Mail this morning while I was riding my stationary bike, and remembered a conversation with my husband the other day. I would love to own my own bookstore. However, my thoughts of what type of bookstore perhaps put a different spin on it.

My bookstore wouldn't carry any of the items published by Deseret Book, Covenant, or other well known LDS publishers. My bookstore would mainly carry self published paperbacks and hard to get published ones from the little publishers, like my former Rosehaven Publishing. It would be a cafe and bookstore, where I sold Postum with all the various flavorings, hot chocolate and herbal teas with all the muffins and cookies you can eat with them.

I know everyone dreams of owning (well, almost everyone) their own business, and we've tried it before in the food industry. I know the bookstore lot isn't much better at this point. With the invention of the ebook, paperbacks and hardbacks have become a second thought item. I know one person that has several different ebook pads because she's looking at a developing a publishing company that would be compatible with all of them. The electronic medium has changed the way many of the consumers in the world approach reading.

I tend to be old school. To me, there's nothing like the physical book in my hands, with papers and ink and the smell of a new book. So, it will be a LONG time before I own any such contraption, if I ever do. I'd always be afraid of dropping it in the water, or any number of things. Paperbacks, for all they are pretty cheaply made, tend to last through mauling pretty well. I only have a couple that are finally starting to come apart at the seams, but they're almost 30 years old.

I know my dream of a bookstore wouldn't fly very high, and it probably wouldn't make much money. But it would sure be fun to have an avenue for all my friends that self publish, or publish with a small house. I'd love to have book signings for them and stuff. Well, who am I kidding? I'd love to sell my own books as well.

But, until I become independently wealthy and can afford to have it be a hobby, it's not likely to happen. If anyone out there wants to donate to the cause, I'd be happy to start a fund. Till then, we'll have to deal with the availability we have and the mediums that someone else puts out.

When I get my dream though, you'll be welcome to come in and have some hot chocolate with me and browse the books. The first cookie will be free.


Sharon Cohen said...

I'm old school too and admire your dream. I'll be in for that cookie; save a cozy spot for me.

Ann Best said...

I am VERY old fashioned too. I love the printed book. But I have gone the way of the world. I bought a Nook. I still prefer the hard copy, but with a limited income I can buy more books this way.

You've Got Mail got me nostalgic for the small, homey, cozy bookstore...

Keith Fisher said...

I love the feel and smell of a newly printed book. Of course thats changing too. have you noticed how some to the publishing houses are selling books printed on paper that feels like newsprint? I'm with you. Lets go back to the independent bookstores.