Wednesday, September 22, 2010


By C. LaRene Hall

I love attending writing conferences, but this year I was not able to attend the one for the League of Utah Writers. Sunday a friend informed me that I had won an award for my book. The certificate has a gold border and says – League of Utah Writers, 2010, Golden Quill Award of Excellence in the Religious Books Category, Martha’s Freedom Train, by C. Larene Hall. A big plus was I also received a $50 check and one-half page listing for one month in the monthly e-Catalog at First Chapter

I really felt bad that I wasn’t there to personally collect my certificate. Prior to the conference I read about the many classes offered, and there was one in particular that I really wanted to attend – Mike Eldridge’s class on Writing Historical Fiction. Although I’ve written several historical fiction stories, I know there is something new that I could have learned from Mike.

Two of our former bloggers also won some awards for their books at this same conference. C. L. Beck and D. N. Giles received the Silver Quill Award in the Religious book category for their book, Mormon Mishaps and Mischief – LDS Humor. Nicole Giles also won the Silver Quill Award for her book, The Sharp Edge of a Knife.

The thing I missed most by not attending was the networking with other authors. I’m really feeling bad that I didn’t get a chance to visit with and see all my writing friends. To me, you seem like family. You understand me and don’t laugh at my silly quirks. I guess that’s because God made us from the same mold. I want you to know that I did miss you, and look forward to the next writer’s conference.


L.T. Elliot said...

Congratulations, Connie! So happy for you, Nichole, and Cindy! Hope I'll see you around, soon.

Keith Fisher said...

I'll be at the book academy on the 30th. see you there and congrats