Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The First Time

by C. LaRene Hall

Most of us have dreamed about the first time I did that – sometimes it was something frightening or maybe it was exciting, but we’ve all experienced the first time at everything we’ve ever done.

It started long before our recollection of anything. Our parents can remember the first time we took a step, the first tooth, and our first Christmas. Maybe we can remember our first day at school, but I don’t remember anything about that day. I can imagine and it isn’t a pretty picture.

I recall many things that happened in elementary school. Some of those incidents are good and some I would rather forget, because I was a timid and shy child.

One experience I’ve never forgot, and I’m grateful I finally had the opportunity to do, was flying in an airplane. I was extremely frightened, and not so sure this was going to be a good experience. I had four children, and had never ever desired to do such a thing.

My husband traveled all the time and one year in 1977, he thought it would be a good anniversary present to have me fly out to the east coast to visit him instead of him flying home to see us. I agreed to his plan, but as the time grew closer, I became nervous. When the day arrived, as I looked at the giant plane I was about to board, I wanted to back out of this crazy idea. With my children and parent’s looking on, I forced myself to climb the steps and go through the door.

Sitting in my seat waiting for the moment to arrive when we would lift into the air, I prayed hard. I was more scared than I ever remember being before. I loved riding the roller coaster and other fun rides at Lagoon and was hoping it would seem just like I was at the amusement park.

As the plane speeds rapidly down the runway, I grip the armrest tight. It didn’t take long for us to raise high in the sky among all the clouds. The ride was smooth and as I looked out the window, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Never had I ever seen anything so gorgeous.

Why had I been so scared? This was wonderful. Now I could see things I’d never seen before. The earth was beautiful. God’s creations were magnificent.

Never have I regretted the decision to fly, although right after the moment of take -off I was sure I’d made a tremendous mistake. I love flying and would rather do that than take a long drive. When you drive, you see things you can’t see up high, so once in awhile, I choose to do that, although now my favorite way to travel is in the air.

Flying is a lot like writing. The first time you send your manuscripts out to have someone read, it is frightening. You wonder, why did I do that? When the answer comes, you have a hard time tearing open the envelope, afraid of what might be inside. Someday you will be glad that you took the plunge because sometime it’s going to all be worthwhile.


Michael Knudsen said...

Nice post, Connie. So many things can be scary the first time. "Fear of flying" is a great metaphor for many things we really need to do but haven't yet done due to fear. My post on CVD right now also addresses fear when it comes to our talents.

Tina Scott, the writing artist said...

Love the analogy, and the reminder of what it feels like to soar over the clouds. I'm still waiting for my literary equivalent.