Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Recharging Batteries

by C. LaRene Hall

I enjoyed reading Keith’s blog last Saturday about listening to the same concepts again, and again, repeating lessons we already learned, so we can apply the ideas in our lives. I agree, we do this in many different ways. We attend church, we go to writer’s conferences and in my case last Saturday, I went to an all day music workshop. Why did I go? At first I thought I would be going to learn new things, but like Keith said – it was to be recharged. I didn’t hear anything new that I didn’t already know. I just needed a reminder and needed to hear it again. I needed the enthusiasm of those around me to recharge my battery and get me excited about music in the church.

Like most of you, I want to fulfill my church calling to the best of my ability. After almost two years, I’m still trying to figure out why they called me to do something I had never done before, but I’m stepping up and learning to use my hidden talents. With my writing, I just sit at the computer and it comes naturally, but with music I have to work at recalling things learned many years ago.

This has taught me many things –
1. Keep working at your talents, every single day, or they may disappear.
2. If you try to fulfill your calling in the church, the Lord will help you. He whom the Lord calls, the Lord magnifies.
3. You’re never too old to learn.
4. There is a reason for everything the Lord does, even if you don’t know what that reason is.
5. Inspiration comes at unexpected moments. Inspiration can come while developing our talents.
6. Help comes from unexplained sources and not always the way you expected.
7. There is a time and season for everything.
8. You are never alone

Many of the things I heard at the music workshop I can also apply to my writing. I attended a class, “Hymn Enhancements for Composers & Arrangers.” I was surprised that the concept and the way this gifted musician composed her music was much the same way that I go about writing and editing my stories. This amazed me because the written word and musical notes don’t seem like the same thing to me. I agree with her that sometimes it’s hard to get it to come together. Whether you are a writer or a musician you just need to keep plugging along. Keep writing.

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Jolene Perry said...

Well said. It is not often that I've gotten a calling and felt totally okay with it.
Guess it's all about that "get out of your comfort zone and stretch yourself thing."