Friday, October 29, 2010


by G.Parker

The final countdown is here.  

I mentioned to my daughter that NaNoWriMo started next week and she was so excited I thought she was going to jump up and down.  She has even been planning for it, which surprised me.  I thought she'd forgotten.  That tells you that anyone who has done this madness gets it in their blood and remembers it from one year to the next.

I'm excited.  I think I've figured out what I'm going to be writing - the next book in my series I've written about three women and their lives.  I've been getting the first one ready for it's proof copy - the one that I finished for NaNo two years ago...It's no longer free, but I'm still going to get it done.  I want to hold that proof copy in my hand.

You may not have heard, but one of NaNo's own has gotten a contract with what he wrote last year.  It's pretty exciting when one of us makes it with the 30 day effort.  Unfortunately I didn't create the link while the article was being promoted and I can't think of the man's name - so he had his 15 minutes of fame, I guess.  But the point is, that those who do, eventually succeed.

It's important for you to know you can do it to.  There are thousands of people who participate in this craziness, and from all around the world.  They have begun to include classrooms, encouraging teachers to use it as a creative tool.  There are writing groups all across the nation that meet at the end of each week, commiseratebrain storm and write together.

It's like a huge support group that you never knew existed.

So if you haven't signed up, get to the site and give it a try.  You'll never regret it.

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