Sunday, October 03, 2010

How We Use Our Gifts

I hope most of you were privileged, as I was, to view General Conference today and yesterday. I always am interested in recurring themes in General Conference. Knowing that they never have assigned topics, it always seems to be that several talks are given on the same or very similar topics. This conference was no exception. I heard several talks on the Holy Ghost, and several on faith and following the prophet. To me, the repetition tells me it is something I ought to sit up and take notice of.

Another thing I heard several times was about our part in the continuing war against Satan's influence. I thought about this and how it applies to LDS writers. Maybe this is obvious, but it seems to me that since we are LDS and have the gifts we've been given to express our thoughts in writing, we are duty-bound to use these gifts and others we've been given to help the Lord fulfill His purposes at this time in the world's history.

The ways we can do this are many. Perhaps it is through a calling. Once I was the ward newsletter editor. My approach was that my newsletter may be the only "scriptures" some people read. So, I filled it with quotes of the prophets in addition to the other newsy items. Maybe you're asked to write a play or a poem for some local production. Maybe you will submit an article to the Church magazines. Maybe you will simply keep a journal that details how the Lord has blessed you and how you have faithfully overcome your challenges.

Maybe what you will do is provide the world with literature that is a cut above what the rest of the world has to offer. Or several cuts above. We can have great influence by spreading, through the written word, goodness and hope in a world full of evil and hopelessness.

I think we should all take the time, if we haven't already, to prayerfully find out how the Lord would have us use our talents and gifts to help Him. Isn't that the reason we have gifts in the first place?


kbrebes said...

You are absolutely right, Karen. We should pray to the Lord about the best use of our talents. Thanks!

Oh, and I did feel like one specific message kept coming to me over and over again, so you're right there, too. : ) Great job!

Sharon Cohen said...

I really appreciated the messages during conference. I heard a theme that resonated for me - moral standards and the attempts to pull them down - especially in marriage. Maybe I'm just sensitive. I live in California.

I have felt impressed since losing my job last April, to use my talents for writing, exhorting and encouraging to declare the Lord's standards for marriage. I can do this - better than I can go to battle against the forces that rage against God.

Michael Knudsen said...

I especially like your last paragraph, Karen. We won't ever reach our full potential until we humble ourselves and ask the Lord what HE would have us do with the talent we're given. Wanting to follow only our own will is giving into the pride that Pres. Uchtdorf spoke out against.

Karen Dupaix said...

Great comments. You people are awesome!

Jolene Perry said...

Very well said. Thank you.