Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Time Marches on

by C. LaRene Hall

This year has certainly passed quickly. I can't believe it's already winter. The sad thing about that is I haven’t accomplished near as much this year as I had planned. Where has all the time gone?

Do any of you feel like I do? Has the year passed too quickly for you? Did you reach all your goals? Did you write your novel? What are you going to do for the next two months?

Are you already looking ahead to the New Year? I am. Maybe you are thinking that it’s too soon to start thinking about that. For me, I’m anxious to leave this year behind. It’s brought many trials to my life and many new challenges. I’m hoping that in the next two months things will start to even out, and life will somehow become a little bit more normal.

I’ll be gone a lot during November, and maybe even some of December, but by January I’ll be back here full swing. For me I’m glad that time marches on.


Storm said...

Yes time has passed too quickly for me ,but I'm happy that at least i have done what i have been meaning to do for a long time i.e. I finally started a blog. I feel pretty good about it.

Michael Knudsen said...

I'm getting less and less writing done as I approach the release of my first book (this year's big win!)and all the promotional effort that goes with it. In a way I look forward to getting past it and back into a quiet life of writing again.

Connie Hall said...

Storm how do we see your blog? Michael - I'm excited about your book release and anxious to read it. The quiet life of writing is probably gone for a while because it does take time to promote a book. I've done more promoting this year than writing and my book came out last year.

Storm said...

Connie , you can see my blog here
It is just a few posts old . I plan to post my stories and poems there once I start getting people to read it.Actually I'm nervous about posting my stuff.