Friday, November 26, 2010

Last Push

by G.Parker

So, as we round the last weekend of November, let us take stock of the past couple of weeks.  There has been week one, where the word count was in it's infancy and we were getting the plot going.  Week two was the mid ground -- setting the stages, getting the characters moving, hoping the plot was working.  Week three was getting the word count up and catching up to the many who are word hounds and seem to have fingers of steel.  Now we end the final week and head into the last couple of days, it's time for those who have been struggling to really put the fingers to the pedals and get the words out.

Myself, I'm on target and doing better than I'd hoped.  I try not to be intimidated by those who have (apparently) no jobs or families who depend on them for everything from meals to clothing...grin...and have amazing word counts half way through.  At least I feel confident in reaching my goal and beyond...hopefully 60,000 words this year.  I say that because my story isn't even close to being finished, and I've only got 2000 more words to go.

It's been crazy with blizzard warnings, cold wind blowing and power outages threatened...(that's when a laptop on battery really comes in handy!)  But we've survived the month of living dangerously, and it's looking good for the finish.  

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, being able to give thanks for the many things we enjoy in our modern lives.  Like the internet, cars, chocolate, fireplaces and smores.  I'm even more grateful for my family and their support now, and always.  I'm thankful for my wonderful fellow bloggers who help keep me motivated and going when I'd rather sit at home and not think about words in general.

Onward into the last days of count...and hopefully forward into NaNoWriMo immortality.  Of course there's always the other much shopping did you do on this Black Friday?

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