Friday, December 17, 2010


by G. Parker

Here we are, staring Christmas down the throat with only a week left and you are struggling with your writing.  Perhaps it just needs a nudge to get it going.  A contest could be the answer!

Have you entered many contests?  I like entering contests because it gives you a taste for what it's like with publishers.  If your story is liked in a contest, then perhaps it will be noticed by an editor.  Doesn't always mean it will happen, but it's a positive thing.  

There are several contests generally around this time of year, one of which is going on right now and ends on Saturday.  LDSpublisher's blog has the annual Christmas story contest in which you have to tell a story of any genre in 3000 words or less.  It has to be an original story, and the readers vote on it.  I've submitted one, (though I can't tell you the name -- it's part of the rules) so I'm asking all of you blog readers out there to go visit, read and vote on the stories.  It's not often you get to be part of the selection process.

So, while you're trying to keep the family happy with appearances, cook all the holiday food, make the candy and work, remember to keep writing.  Even if it's only five or ten minutes a day -- it will keep the creative juices flowing for after the holidays when you're back into reality mode again.  Enter a contest or two and see how it goes.  You never could win! 

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