Thursday, December 02, 2010

Taking the Plunge

By Cheri Chesley

Yesterday, I had my first scheduled book signing. I say that because I have had pre-book signings (I know that sound weird, but it's a nice way to generate interest), and one that ended up being a book signing because I got books the day before.

But, yesterday I was at the UVU bookstore in Orem for a publisher-scheduled signing. I've anticipated this one the most because it's been on my schedule longest. I mean, before we did the final edits and sent the book to press, I knew I was doing this signing.

And it was fun.

I sold 4 books in 2 hrs, which is not fantastic. But, I did talk to a lot of people and gave them either a wrist band or a book mark with my info on it, so word is getting out. Some people even came up and asked what they had to do to get a wrist band. I restrained myself from saying, "jumping jacks." Though I may not have that control next time. :)

I also realized a few things. One, I'm not in this for the money. While it would be nice to make a ton of money with my books--I won't lie, lol--I don't write books to make money off them.

Two, I love connecting with readers. I love talking to people who share my love of books and reading, even if they don't read the genre I write.

Three, College kids are funny. And they really haven't changed much in the last 20 yrs, though I do admit they have more gadgets. I've never seen so many earbuds in one place before--except maybe a shelf at the store.

Four, I actually enjoy this! Sitting at a table for two hours, smiling, nodding and saying hi to strangers, talking to the ones who approach the table--all of it was really fun. I've been described in my life as painfully shy, introverted, and not sociable. Growing is good.

What have you learned?


A Pen In Neverland: Angela Peña Dahle said...

JUMPINGJACKS!!!! Bwah ha ha ha! I'll have to use that when it comes my turn! Maybe pull out the game of twister next time, go full out! Oh, and congrats!

Michael Knudsen said...

Sounds like a great experience, Cheri. I'm still looking forward to my first, a little nervous, a lot excited.

kbrebes said...

I bet you'll sell more books at your other signings because some college students are just poor. I think you should make them sing, dance, recite their favorite poem, whatever! I like the jumping jacks idea the best!