Friday, January 28, 2011

Take a Breath

by G.Parker

Sometimes we have days that leave us exhausted.  We're so busy running from one thing to another that we can barely squeeze a paragraph of writing in.  

This week was full of those kind of days for me.  My husband commented that life was supposedly more relaxed when your children got older.  Right.  Hasn't for us, anyway, and I know it's the same for many parents.  Especially those that have kids that are active in drama or band or any of that.

So, for those of us who have days we can have about 20 minutes to sit in front of a computer to write, take advantage of that.  Sit for a moment, take a deep breath and let it out slowly.  Turn off the outside world (if you can) and focus on what it is you're trying to write.  I feel like the wizard in Sorcerers Apprentice - "Did you clear your mind?" and the response..."Clear my mind?  Are you crazy?"

We are all just a little bit crazy, I think, to live in today's world and not run screaming into the night.  So, writing is our greatest therapy.  Just think of all the things you can put down on paper that release your inner tension and frustrations.  The average person that doesn't write doesn't have that help. 

So while our time to actually compose and write may be short, it will have far reaching benefits to both mind and soul.  It is in us to create, so create we will.  And save our sanity at the same time.  Good luck!

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