Sunday, January 30, 2011

Writing on Sunday

As most of the readers of this blog are LDS, most of us have faced the question of whether or not to write on Sunday. Sundays are often more relaxed, with more free time than other days of the week. This allows our minds to be more creative, which makes it a good day for writing.

However, some of us don't feel that writing on Sunday would be keeping the Sabbath day holy. So, what to do?

The short answer is: that's between you and the Lord. Get your own answer to that question. And, it may be different for different people. We should not judge one another.

For the sake of having something to blog about today, I'll tell you my approach to writing on Sunday. To me, anything I do with the intent to make money constitutes work. And, I personally don't work on Sunday. It follows then, that I don't work on any writing projects which I intend to make money on. Does that mean I don't write on Sundays at all? If this blog is any indication, obviously not.

There are plenty of writing projects which are ideal for Sunday, but which are "not for profit" projects. I would submit the following: write to missionaries; write your life history; write your family's history; write an ancestor's biography; write in your journal; write (or email) a friend; write thank you notes; write on your blog; write in scrapbooks; write your thoughts about a talk or scripture at church that touched you.

While these "not for profit" projects may not be your current front-burner work in progress, all writing helps you increase your ability to put thoughts into written words. It will help you with your other projects, and I personally believe that God blesses us when we do our best to obey his commandments as we understand them.

Good Sabbath.


Jolene Perry said...

If I'm just really feeling something, I do it. I don't sit down to write because I HAVE to. That's not for Sunday and I make sure that my reading, or writing, is taking away from the family. It's a hard one though...

kbrebes said...

Hi, Karen. Generally I feel as you do, except what's a girl to do when she's sitting in Sacrament Meeting and inspiration hits as a direct result of a speaker's talk? Scribble! LOL Have a great day, Kathleen

Cheri Chesley said...

This is definitely a personal issue between each individual and God. But, for me, I tend to lean the way you do. I don't like to write on Sunday if it's anything I plan to make money on in the future. But, sometimes, I feel extra inspired by the day's events to write something I feel is particularly profound--or, that is to say, not from me. :)
I'm still not fully at peace with the idea to write or not to write on Sunday. Because I've dedicated my pen to the Lord, I want to write worthily. It can be a challenge any other day of the week.

Karen Dupaix said...

I know, it's a tough call. I would probably feel fine with jotting down a few notes to be expounded on later.

I have a friend who brings a journal to church and writes inspiration in it as she feels it. She's not a writer.

On a similar note, once in the temple I was given a whole scene for my novel. I didn't have anything to write on, but as soon as I could, I wrote it down.

Steve Westover said...

Interesting dilema. Good post.
I don't ever write with the intent to make money...ever. I'm realistic that way :>) I have made some money but that's just gravy.

I write because it is enjoyable and relaxing and it is a way to increase my talent. I don't write on Sunday because I don't have time, but I don't think I would feel guilty about writing on Sunday if I had a few minutes. I write LDS centered fiction and even though its not focused on doctrine, I think my writing can have a positive impact. That seems Sabbath worthy to me, but it all depends on my true motives and intentions.