Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Keep Going

by C. LaRene Hall

Sometimes in this busy world we fail to look at the good things and pass them on to others. Because of that, I couldn’t resist posting this cute saying that I found at the bottom of an email I received a few days ago.

May your troubles be less, your blessings be more and nothing but happiness come through your door.

If it weren’t for troubles we wouldn’t know when it’s good. Sometimes bad things that happen can actually be a blessing in disguise. When we think positive thoughts usually happiness does come through our door. It’s when we give up that everything seems gloomy.

What does this have to do with writing? Everything, many times we writers give up when the going gets tough. It’s hard to get those rejections back in the mail. When someone criticizes part of our story sometimes it’s difficult to keep going.

Hope each of you will keep going this week, and every week in the future.


Facebook Top Ten said...

i love you blog!

Bubby said...

Your right, the bad times are just life lessons in disguise and opportunities to change it around with a positive attitude. I remember good coming out of bad situations plenty of times. Persistence and a positive outlook always pays off. :)