Friday, March 25, 2011

Swiss Cheese

by G.Parker

I read a post by a friend (well, as far as I'm concerned we're friends, but we've never met personally, I just love reading her blog) commented on her blog that she is loosing her mind.  She had called her husband and somewhere in between dialing him and pressing send, she forgot why.  She drove home and still couldn't remember why she'd called him.  She said that sometimes memory loss is linked to stress, and she'd had plenty of that.

I have one better for you - my brain is made of swiss cheese.  I have her situation in spades.  Some days it's better, some it's worse - but on an average, if I don't write something down, it's usually gone by the day I'm needing to remember it.  I get up to go get something and totally forget what I was doing.  Fortunately, it usually comes back when I retrace my thought pattern, so I guess I don't have Alzheimer's yet, (or oldtimers as we tease each other at my house) but it's a worry.  At least I've finally come to grips with the fact that if I don't write it down, it usually doesn't remain in the gray matter - it finds one of the swiss holes and hides away.

Have you ever run into that with regards to your writing?  You're humming a long, writing a great scene that you meant to take notes on while you were driving home, but couldn't stop and pull over but half way through the idea is gone.  Nada.  Zip.  Where did it go??

Well, I'm thinking we need to send a party of scientist to Switzerland and investigate if the stuff going in our holes is ending up in their country.  I mean, the things disappearing in the holes has to go somewhere, doesn't it?  There has to be a stock pile of story ideas, scraps of scenes that get lost, snatches of plots that have been forgotten somewhere, lying in some farmers barn, overloading some poor cow.

I'd volunteer, but obviously I'm not a scientist, and I'd probably forget why we were going there half way to the airport.  
Sigh.  Cheese.  You got to love it.

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Rebecca said...

Haha, I love this! I called someone the other day and forgot who I was calling until just after she said hello. One time a few years ago I did it, and had to ask the person I called who they were because I forgot!

Yeah, someone needs to look into that.