Monday, April 04, 2011

General Conference

Like most of you, I enjoyed viewing General Conference this past weekend. I felt much of the material presented was meant for me and I hope to become a better person for having heard it.

I hope, if you were not able to view General Conference, that you will take the opportunity to read the messages online or in the church magazines. This is one way we can insure that what we write is what Heavenly Father wants us to write. I believe as LDS writers we have a special mandate to rise above the crowd. We should not be trying to duplicate what's out there--we should be trying to supersede it. No pressure there, eh?

The good new is that along with the higher expectations comes better tools. We who have been baptized by the proper authority were also given the gift of the Holy Ghost. We can use this gift to write what we are meant to write. We just have to be in tune.

So, keep writing the good, uplifting things that will make a difference. We don't have to get "preachy" to make a positive difference in the world. We just have to live the way we should and our lives and attitudes will shine through our writing.

That's about it for my two cents this week. Have a great week!


Ann Best said...

One can write great stories that inspire without using bad language or explicit scenes. The "classic" writers did it. So can we.

I thought Conference this month was especially awesome. Almost everything that was said was an answer to me in some way or another.
Ann Best, Long Journey Home

Karen Dupaix said...

I agree, Ann. Thank you for your comment.

Evelyn Campbell Curtis said...

i agree 100%. i actually have an easier time with my writing when I have been keeping in tune with the spirit. ie reading scriptures daily, and praying throughout the day. I tend to get writer's block when I do not do these things regularly. :)

Michael Knudsen said...

Another great GenCon. Rather than fill my MP3 player with mindless popular music, I download the MP3's of all the sessions from and listen as I run or work out at the gym until I've hears all the talks several times. Good spiritual food!

Karen Dupaix said...

I do that too, Michael, and I find that no matter how well I listen the first time around, I always learn something new when I re-listen to the talks.