Thursday, June 16, 2011

I Love Castle

by Cheri Chesley

No, not THAT Castle, silly. This one.

I admit it, I'm a late bloomer. We're three seasons into it before I even get around to seeing an episode. But I'm having a great time getting caught up. The writing is crisp and intelligent (mostly). The cast has great chemistry. Sure, you know from the get-go that the handsome author and the beautiful detective will eventually end up an item, but it will still be fun to watch the ride.

Why is a blog about writing talking about a TV show, you may ask? One of the things I enjoy most about the show is the "writer" tie-ins. You may have seen James Patterson doing his own commercials to promote his newest books, but it's fun to see him on Castle sitting at a poker table with a bunch of other authors. And I appreciated the recently viewed tribute to the late Stephen J. Cannell, where a newbie showed up at the poker game and all the regulars wouldn't let him sit in Cannell's chair.

I especially like the fact that you can buy the fictional author's real books. Click HERE if you don't believe me. What a hoot! Not to mention a great gimmick for ABC.

Hopefully, by the time the new season starts this fall, I'll be all caught up. No spoilers, please! :)


Weaver said...

I spend my time at the computer rather than watching TV. I wonder what else I'm missing ...

Cheri Chesley said...

Overall I'd say you're not missing much. But you can get some Castle episodes online, if you're interested. :)