Friday, July 22, 2011

Good, Better, Best

by G. Parker

In general conference in 2007, Elder Oaks spoke about choices.  He mentioned that there were good choices, better, and best.  (Kind of like the levels of kingdoms, you know?)  Good being honest and what you need to do, better meaning doing more of your service and striving harder, best being the one we are all striving for.  The best choice in all situations.
Monday night we had planned on going to see Thor at the local dollar theater.  One of our sons had been really wanting to see it, and since we'd already seen it and liked it, we thought it would be a good family night option.  Upon arriving, we discovered it was free, as a local auto sales company was sponsoring it (which was cool) but there were only 2 seats left.  Dang.  There were six of us, so that wasn't going to work.  We were debating on what to do, go home or whatever, when my daughter suggested we go see Soul Surfer
I'd been wanting to see it.  Both my daughters had already seen it and loved it.  When hubby said he'd be willing to see it, we all filed in.
Now there is quite a difference between these two movies.  Both of them are 'clean' and have a good story line.  Mostly good moral message, and action.  Of course one has more than the other and sports a main character that is (in my daughter's opinion) 'delicious', but aside from that, on the surface it wouldn't seem that big of a deal.
After seeing the movie (apart from what I feel is lackluster acting on Carrie Underwood's part), I think we made the better choice.  Thor would have been good, but Soul Surfer was better.  I guess I would have to admit perhaps not the best...that would have been a regular family home evening lesson, right?  I don't know... 
But I thought it was interesting how there could be such a dissimilar choice between two movies.  I think it is much like writing - reading.  There are lots of choices out there to read for enlightenment, knowledge, entertainment and uplift.  Good choices are simply books that entertain and are enjoyable.  Better books would be those that were clean and knowledgeable.  I'm thinking the best books would be ones that inspire to better thoughts and behavior and strove to uplift the reader.
It's why we are writers.  We are striving to be the best writers, and have our work be the best.  Right?  So in your contemplation of your writing, consider your goal.  Are you trying to be the good, better or best writer?  Is your book going to be thought of as entertainment or uplifting?
Just my thoughts...Also - I hope everyone has a great Pioneer Day weekend.  In Utah or's still great to be part of such a heritage. 

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