Friday, August 26, 2011

Off the Cuff

by G.Parker

Many times we end up doing things spur of the moment.  Whether it's having to stand in for someone teaching a lesson at the last minute, hurrying to feed hungry kids when working a long day or procrastinating a deadline, I'm sure you've all experienced it.

Well, that's me today.  I neglected my blog this week in favor, or rather, as a result of going back to work.  Schools back in, that means so am I.  Sigh.  I've given it some thought, but I never came up with anything solid.  So, you get my thoughts as they come, regardless as to the writing world, or rather, because of it.

At my critique group Wednesday, a comment was made about one of the writer's work.  It was said that the writing had improved, the story was great, but it seemed too professional, too...worked.  I thought that was an interesting thought, and apparently it has come up in my brain as a thought for today.  Isn't that handy?

When rewriting or reworking our stories, that's usually not something that you'd think about.  Going over something too much is not generally a problem.  (At least not mine, since I rarely have that amount of time!)  When you are doing the editing and revising of your work, think about the tone, the voice and the plot.  Is what you're doing going to strengthen?  Is it going to benefit the general plot?  Or is it something that is fine on it's own or just needs to be removed?  Honestly, sometimes things just need to be taken out and dumped, even though we love them and they are perhaps our favorite scene.

So, my short thought for this Friday is to consider your writing and the editing/rewriting process.  You don't want to over do, and yet you do want to get it into tip-top shape for that perfect agent that's going to want to sell it to the world.  Just sayin'.  

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