Wednesday, September 07, 2011


By Darvell Hunt

If you've ever wished your DNA would change to give you superpowers to fight inter-dimensional monsters, so you could prevent the Earth from getting destroyed, then UPGRADER: RE-ENGINEERED by Terry Tibke is the right book for you!

While this book seems to be targeting the YA market with characters in high school, the writing, artwork, and book-length seem to target the middle-grade audience. In any case, younger readers who like fantastical stories in fast-paced out-of-this-world settings should enjoy reading about hero Dylan and his DNA-changing adventures. See what he does about an inter-dimensional rift that has opened to Earth, which could unleash untold evils upon our world!

You can grab a copy of Terry's new book on Amazon in paperback or Kindle version, or you check out his blog at:

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ali cross said...

I agree Darvell! Definitely an easy and fun enough read for the younger set :)