Wednesday, September 21, 2011


by C. LaRene Hall

Most everyone has dreams – some come true and others go by the wayside. Sometimes we work to make the dream happen. I honestly believe that writers have to strive harder than most to make sure their dreams occur.

Some of us are lucky and have a special someone that spurs us on to success. I lost my special someone earlier this year, and it’s taken a while to get past that and get on with life without that encouragement. He always remembered the day I was supposed to post my blog, and I’ve missed him asking me if I remembered to post that day. He wasn’t a reader, but he constantly supported my writing and encouraged me to attend writing conferences.

Remembering this makes me want to do better. He would be disappointed if he knew I’ve been so neglectful. Last week I finally had a breakthrough and for the first time in six months, I actually sat and wrote for hours. I’m finally going to finish the books I’ve began.

Next week when I post I’m going to tell you about the great writer’s workshop (Roundup) I attended last weekend. My computer at home crashed and I’m not able to pull up my notes this week, but next week things should be back to normal.

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