Friday, September 02, 2011

Hummingbirds and other Rambles

by G.Parker

Okay - I had several ideas for this blog, but none of them got put into an organized thought pattern.  I've been reading some of my older blogs and I think I used to be a lot funnier.  I don't know, but I think the swiss cheese factor has lessened the humor ability in my brain.  You remember how I mentioned I have swiss cheese for a brain?  Lot's of holes up there...

Anyway, I was glancing through Facebook the other day and my sister-in-law had posted "Hummingbirds can't walk."  I thought that was rather random.  Okay, so they can't walk.  I guess they don't need to, they can fly faster than anything else can walk, and when they aren't flying, they're sitting on the feeders, eating.  We are the proud owners of two Humingbird feeders, and it is the funnest thing to watch them come eat.  Sometimes they remain flying, sometimes they stop and  drink.  They're legs are awfully tiny, but I would think they could still walk...We have one that comes rather regularly and we've named him White Tail.  My sister was telling me that they were telling them to take down their hummingbird feeder at their cabin in Fish Lake.  What?  Apparently they were claiming it was a detriment to the ecology or something like that.  They also said they probably wouldn't be enforcing it...sigh.  Yet another illogical move on the part of government.

So, besides Hummingbirds, my other thought was regarding disappointment.  We've talked about voice several times on this blog, and how readers come to expect a certain voice from a writer.  I checked out a book the other day because of a blog I've read that I thought would be entertaining.  Instead it comes across to me as rather self serving and self centered.  Hmmm.  I guess blogs are different than books.  (You think?)  The way you write in a blog is not going to come across the same way as something written in a book.  Fortunately (I guess) for the writer of this book, it sold enough that apparently everyone else thought it was great, so it's not an issue for them.  However, I'm probably not going to finish it.  I have limited reading time as it is, why waste it on something that is disappointing?

Well, such is my rambling thoughts for the day.  Hope you have a great weekend and get lots of writing done on your day off!  

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