Thursday, September 15, 2011

The New Idea

by Cheri Chesley

Imagine you have cultivated a brand new story idea into a full-fledged novel synopsis. We authors love that feeling; something fresh and new to build and develop. Ah, the bliss. There's nothing quite like writing the story for the first time.

I'm there right now. I have a new idea that, in the idea phase, I'm calling The City of Light. It's a terrible title, really, but that's part of the growth and development of the idea. The real title will come later. You can read about the story HERE on my author blog.

After the story is developed and that first draft written, we delve into rewrites and edits. I'm also there. 40 out of 271 pages done, few changes made so far, but there will be bigger changes that will alter my editing time. Soon, though, perhaps next month, The Tyrant King will finally **actually** be ready for my editor. I made a mistake with the previous draft and sent it to people I know love the story, without considering how brutal they may or may not be to the plot. They weren't, and, in my haste, I sent it off to the editor only to get it back with some kind suggestions that it just wasn't ready yet. She was right, of course. I've since developed a more complicated subplot, added clues to solve the mysteries within the story, and caught some glaring holes in the story arc that needed attention.

Each phase of idea-to-novel development is important. Granted, I'm not a fan of the editing phase, but I think that's because it takes so long. I've never been a patient person. Maybe this is Heavenly Father's way of developing that particular trait in me. :)

So, what's your newest idea? I've shared mine. Please share yours with me.

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franklycreative said...

My new idea I've entitled "Time Theif." He's a 17 year old nerd who steals time from little old ladies in nursing homes and uses it to agument his lack of time. But it gets out of hand. Unfortunately, I'm in the middle of another novel. The question is, do I stop work on that one and start on my new idea that excites me? Or finish my old one first? I used to be just as excited about it.