Friday, September 09, 2011


by G.Parker

As I was watching a DVD the other night, it occurred to me that writers have a variety of vehicles with which to express themselves.

I know that's not a new thought, and one that you are probably fully aware of, but I think it's interesting.  You see, we have print, video, music, whatever the human condition, we have a chance to voice our opinion.  To champion a cause.  To debate the validity of a thought or action.  Where we have voice, we have vehicle, and some writers dive in with both feet.

It was part of the reason I started a blog.  A blog is something I can control, can put my own voice to and gets me out into the world.  I feel that even though it's not a popular blog or read by millions, it's still my chance to have my voice heard.

While this is a good thing, sometimes it drives me crazy when I'm subjected to someone else's passion.  Take the movie we'd watched, Wall-e.  On the surface it is a cute, romantic, sweet story of two robots from totally different worlds coming together.  But under that story is the whole bit about a large corporation taking over the planet, global warming and garbage out of control.  Over hundreds of years.  It bugs me EVERY time.  I think, right, that stuff would all still be here then??  Not a chance, the jungle would have taken over a long, long time ago, my friend, despite what you'd like the common person to believe.  Or kids, for that matter, since the movie was made for children viewing.

See, that's where the vehicle begins other things, like debates and opinions and get the idea.  It's what fuels the economy, or the magazine, newspaper or radio business.  Opinions, passions, and differences of opinion are what keep us communicating and finding the vehicle we want to express ourselves.

Which vehicle is your favorite way to express yourself?

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I write and I teach.